Sump Tanks


The sump tanks we offer are made by rotary forming, monolithic design, i.e. one piece without joints and seams, without internal stresses and with a shape memory of the product itself. In case of presence of ground water or placing the tank under a driveway, it is necessary to surround the sump with concrete and use either cast-iron or concrete hatch (including the distribution plate).

The plastic PE lift station is fitted with reinforcement around the perimeter and is supplied with a rubber sealing collars to seal the station and with a walkable hatch.

Standard dimensions are:

  • Diameter:          0,8 m – 1,2 m
  • Height:            2,0 m – 2,5 m

If another dimension of the lift station is necessary, it will be custom made according to the customer’s requirements as welded from PP. In this case, contact our business department, where we will gladly help you.