Company introduction

The company PRESSKAN system, a.s. is owner of PRESSKAN® trade mark and owns shares of its subsidiaries in Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. It penetrated into markets in Bulgaria, Russia and Greece thanks to its business activities.

We are holders of various awards and quality certificates, such as ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001. We are also holders of Association of Building Entrepreneurs certificate, which authorizes us to to carry out construction work up to 100 million CZK as the main Company introduction supplier in accordance with Act No. 40/2004 Coll. on public procurement.

Aside of our main activities, we also engage in secondary activities such as design of pressure sewerage, including hydraulic calculation or installation and construction of other utilities.

Company structure

Statutory Director :

Ing. Robert Nevrlý – Statutory Director, Chairman of the Administrative Board

Správní rada:

Ing. Robert Nevrlý – Statutory Director, Chairman of the Administrative Board
Jiří Šlézar – Production director, Member of board of directors
Ing. Štefan Gyürösi – Member of board of directors

Company billing information

Company name: PRESSKAN system, a.s.
Identification number: 60743824
VAT number:  CZ60743824
Adress: Vápenice 2974/13, 796 01 Prostějov
Details of the entry in the Commercial Register, including the section and the insert:
B 5845 registered at the Regional Court in Brno


PRESSKAN system, a.s. is the successor organization of NEPTUN PR, spol. s.r.o. which has been on the Czech market since 1995. PRESSKAN system a.s. is a supplier of pressure sewerage system protected by PRESSKAN® brand, which has been operating for more than 25 years.

We make one type of pump designed only into the pressure sewerage system PRESSKAN®.

A reliable company

Celebrate the 25th anniversary of the company. Now extended warranty for technological equipment 48 months!

Integrated policies

We are all aware that we are fully dependent on our customers. Therefore, our customers’ satisfaction is among our primary objectives.

We want our clients to always gladly turn to us. We are prepared not only to meet all their requirements as best as we can, but also to overcome their expectations. We are putting the emphasis on long-term cooperation, which is the basis of mutual satisfaction.

The company is committed to protect the environment, prevent its pollution and conserve natural resources during its activities. It will seek to ensure that all personnel are aware of the proportion of their impact on the environment in their workplace. The company will listen carefully to all the legitimate requirements of interested parties. Our job is to know all legal environmental requirements concerning our company’s activities and to interpret them so that achieving all milestones in our business plan is the most environmentally friendly.

The company’s management is committed to under no circumstances (in order to meet deadlines, austerity measures, etc.) make any pressure on employees to violate the principles of this policy. The company’s management is aware that implementation of this policy is a long-term process, where the results won’t be seen immediately and rejects such activities that can bring high profits in the short term, but may damage the good name of our company in the long term.

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