Frequently asked questions

What happens in case of pump or other part failure? Do you provide service?

What is all part of the pressure system?

The PRESSKAN system includes a plastic shaft, a pump with a dirt shredder, a non-return valve, a ball valve, a level sensor and a THS automatic control system.

Are the shafts suitable for high groundwater zones?

Yes, PRESSKAN shafts can also be installed in zones with high groundwater, but it is necessary to concret it. When ordering it is necessary to announce that the shaft will be stored in a zone with high groundwater. We will advise you how to proceed during assembly.

How can I order Presskan?

Contact us, we will be happy to prepare a calculation and arrange a handover respectively. at your installation. Contact: +420 582 344 291, GSM: +420 777 730 130, e-mail:

If I have another pump and I want yours, can I replace it?

In this case, I recommend contacting our sales representatives to assess this situation. Each property is unique and the designed solution must always suit the users of the property.

Why do you have a Cancer in your corporate emblem?

Cancer, as we know, lives only in pure water. Our company helps to improve the environment and protect nature. Thanks to the low investment costs, we allow municipalities to achieve subsidies and co-financing of very expensive sewerage and central wastewater treatment.

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